Saskia Davis


Many ask how SYMPTOMS OF INNER PEACE came to be written.  Here is a short version since the long version is an autobiography. Have a look at the list entitled “Inner Peace Thrives.” For several years,  my personal discipline had been to live  the choices  listed there.  I had co-founded the NW Center for Attitudinal Healing.  We facilitated peer-support groups for people with life-threatening and chronic  illnesses and their families.   Inner peace could be regarded as the “holy grail” of healing, or the “brass ring,” reached for  by all  who participated in our groups. Also, as a nurse, it was easy for me to adopt a public health perspective. (And then there is my muse with her quirky sense of humor!)  Feeling  happy, I sat down  to write  an article.  SYMPTOMS OF INNER PEACE, quite  simply,  was a gift of grace.   It just came  pouring out  onto the page.   

With it’s first publication  (copyright: March, 1984)  in  “Loving Times,” a church newsletter,  it quickly took on a life of its own.  Having been  passed friend-to-friend, to other newsletters, newspapers, radio, religious study and self-help groups, hospice, bulletin boards, medical offices, conferences, waiting rooms,  in a short time, it had traveled worldwide. Then, as the internet went mainstream, SYMPTOMS OF INNER PEACE hit a new stride.

Rather a late bloomer in relation to the web, I finally was inspired to google it in March, 2007. It was thrilling to find millions of postings around the world! A spontaneous,  worldwide, grassroots, peace  revolution, from the inside-out!  What could be more astonishingly wonderful?!  Having found that my name had been lost along some of the routes it had travelled, I began writing to request it’s re-attachment. The reception that my letters received was awesome!  But it should not have surprised me in the least,  because,   of course,  the people who are drawn to SYMPTOMS OF INNER PEACE are bound to be awesome people!  Whether you are new  to  SYMPTOMS OF INNER PEACE,  or an “old friend,”  you should count yourself-in   as an “awesome inner-peacenik!” 
                INNER   PEACE:     I hope you catch it!      Saskia

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